Five songs are live on Spotify!

The last time I posted about the progress of my current electronic album I had only one song finished and nothing on any streaming platform. In the interim though, that has all changed. Yes, we’re in a global pandemic, and yes, the music economy is in the dumps, but I’ve been hard at work. There are now five songs live for your listening pleasure on all of the major streaming sites. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

Something else has changed for me though. The idea of releasing an album of songs has fallen away. Waiting for 10 songs to be finished before releasing any of them seems ridiculous to me now so I’ve decided to release songs as soon as they are finished. Straight from me to to you. I’m still shooting for 8 to 10 total tracks but they’ll be released as soon as they are ready.

Look for new arrivals from I Must Levitate on your streaming app of choice. Don’t forget to follow me as an artist and thanks for listening.